Fraser River Sturgeon Fishing

Fraser River Sturgeon Fishing in BC

Fraser River Sturgeon Fishing is going on full on right now until end of November. If your thinking about coming Sturgeon Fishing in BC with Sturgeon Slayers, best to email us ASAP with dates, if you need accommodations and how many people will be joining.

We are booking up quickly and if you want till last minute you might just be left to book with what we call Wal Mart guides. The last available because the cream are booked up. If your spending the time and money to come fishing, do it right with a Professional guide that is a member of the Fraser Valley Angling Guides Association and part of the Fraser River Sturgeon Conservation Society. If the answer is NO to either of these, they you know where you stand.

Contact us for more info or download our brochure on the site.

Vancouver Sturgeon Fishing

Rosewood Hotel Georgia, Vancouver Sturgeon Fishing

Rosewood Hotel Georgia, Vancouver Sturgeon Fishing

If your looking to stay in Vancouver while Sturgeon Fishing with us, Forbes 5 Star Rosewood Hotel Georgia is the place.

Our clients enjoy the city buzz combined with remote Sturgeon Fishing in the Canyon section of the Lower Fraser River.

Upon booking please let us know that you are looking to stay at Rosewood and we can arrange.

Fraser Valley Angling Guides Association

Fraser Valley Angling Guides Association

Fraser Valley Angling Guides Association

Fraser Valley Angling Guides Association represents professional, fully licensed guides.

If you don’t have the opportunity to book with Sturgeon Slayers, make sure you book with a company that is associated with FVAGA.

If a company is not then ask yourself why not?

Do they not take the time to involved their company?

Do they not work well with others? What is they reason?

The FVAGA sits in high level government and first nations meetings regarding our fisheries and are part of the process.

Not as an individual company who thinks they are above everyone else, but as a united voice for its members. If your not part of the process, your are truly part of the problem when it comes to keeping our fisheries open and fighting for our heritage.

Book with a professional.

Cultus Lake Golf Club- Fins and Skins

Cultus Lake Golf Club.

Cultus Lake Golf Club.

It’s that time of the year. Cultus Lake Golf Club, fins and skins.

Don’t forget there are many courses around the area for you to do a little fins and skins.

Sturgeon Slayers sponsors hold 10 at the Cultus Lake Golf Club and is a local Cultus/Chilliwack favorite. The facilities include the nicest driving range around, full service restaurant with beautiful views, and of course the challenging track which all levels of golfers can enjoy.

When bookings your fishing trip just let us know what date and time you want us to book your tee time and we will send along with your confirmation itinerary.

Albino Sturgeon on the Fraser River

Rare Albino Sturgeon on the Fraser River with Sturgeon Slayers Guiding Company.

Rare Albino Sturgeon on the Fraser River with Sturgeon Slayers Guiding Company.

Check this Albino Sturgeon from today’s trip. They are very rare to see and actually can’t remember last time we had an albino dino. Check out the yellow pale head and yellow scutes. The picture doesn’t really show the color as crazy as it was.

This monster was also Untagged, measuring 8’4 1/2 fork length. It’s always great to add more fish into the Tagging Program. When they are big and albino, even better.

Thank you gentlemen for a great day on the River. O, and they got a bigger fish than this an hour later!

Do donate to the Fraser River Sturgeon Conservation Society please visit the website HERE.

Fishing on Social Media

Fishing on Social Media

Fishing on Social Media

We love our social media. Since each of the platforms have been released to the public, we have been there. We take pride in showing beautiful photography and interesting content.

We also use social media to communicate with many of you on there.

Its a amazing place, if ,who you follow actually puts up unique, interesting content. We’ve done some research for you and found some pages that have some stimulation fishing imagery.

If your looking for a few more pages to follow check out these Fishing Related business’ on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook check out the following.

The links below go to Instagram pages.

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We will throw up another blog sometime with more updated pages to follow. If your not on Instagram, most of the pages above with have the same or similar handles for the Facebook and twitter. All you need to do is search for them. Happy viewing.

Sturgeon Fishing in BC with Sturgeon Slayers

Guided Sturgeon Fishing in BC

Guided Sturgeon Fishing in BC

You going to let another year go by without coming out?

Join us on our Guided Sturgeon Fishing Adventures and learn about the Tagging Program, Adopt a Sturgeon, enjoy BBQ meal shoreside and remote fishing in one of the most beautiful nature inspiring place in the Universe.

Sturgeon Slayers delivers a seamless trip from booking to accommodations right on through to that memorable picture.

Email us for more info and shoot us some dates that your looking to come out.

We look forward to introducing you to the worlds best Sturgeon Fishing on the Fraser River.

Baby Dino

Baby Dino

Baby Dino


Not all that often we get to see tiny babies.

We use gear that is aimed towards Dino’s on the larger scale. Every once in a while, this happens! Its very exciting.

The picture actually make him/her look bigger than was in reality.

Of course he/she was untagged so we tagged, recorded, and release. For any dino’s that we get to tag, clients have the opportunity to adopt the Sturgeon for $100. You will receive an email update if/when they are caught again.

Money goes towards the Fraser River Sturgeon Conservation Society program to help keep the tagging program going.

Board of Directors, Fraser River Sturgeon Conservation Society


We are proud and honored to announce President of Sturgeon Slayers, Kevin Estrada has been brought on as a Director for the Fraser River Sturgeon Conservation Society.

For those of you who know Kevin know he has deep connection with the most amazing species on the planet. At over 250 million years old they have remained nearly unchanged.

Their spawning habits, slow growth rate and the age they live till is something so unique and magnificent. Kevin is excited to continue on his protection of Sturgeon on another level.

“Thank you to the board for bringing me on and valuing my experience and dedication to the fishery. ”


– Have survived two ice-ages; are living in the Fraser River.

– Survive in both fresh and salt water.

– Have captured the imagination of hundreds of students and future ‘sturgeon stewards’, through the HSBC Fraser River Sturgeon Education Program grades 4-7.

– Rely on help from the sport fishing, recreational fishery, First Nations, government and community leaders, environmentalists, conservation experts and the public community.

Over the last decade, we the Society have made great progress identifying and addressing issues that affect the recovery of white sturgeon in the Fraser River watershed using critical data collected through our award-winning, volunteer-driven monitoring and assessment program. We have developed a curriculum based education program and public awareness initiatives to promote community understanding of white sturgeon.

As an environmental stewardship and research organization, the Society brings together a diverse community of stakeholders – leaders, all areas of government and First Nations, commercial and recreational fishing sectors, research and education – to work together and make a difference for Fraser River white sturgeon. Priority areas include: mortality, habitat erosion, technology and recruitment of juvenile stocks.

Inspired by Honourary Chair Rick Hansen, we deploy our resources and talents towards conserving and protecting Fraser River white sturgeon and their habitat. This is addressed through: the development and implementation of stewardship activities, education and public awareness initiatives; conducting research and communicating the results; and professionally addressing key issues facing sturgeon with appropriate actions.

Fraser River white sturgeon need your help! Donate HERE

A Sensory Overload

Sensory Overload Fishing

Imagine an experience with total sensory overload. The kind that can become life changing for some and for others a lifetime memory.

It’s what we offer in the Fraser Canyon.

Check out the rest of our site and shoot us some dates, how much people and if you need accommodations. We will do our best to get you out with us.


Thank you in advance for reaching out. We look forward to connecting with you soon!
Please include the following info in your email:
1) Dates you're looking to fish.
2) How many people will be attending.
3) Do you need accomodations.

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