Thank you Simms Wader Makers !

Simms Wader Makers

Simms Fishing Products- Sturgeon Slayers Guiding Company


No fishery I know of depends more on good waders than Sturgeon. The size, scutes, weight and amount of wear and tear that the fishery brings to gear is unbelievable.

I have been working with Simms Fishing Products for a decade now. From testing to products demos, marketing and more. I can confidently say, these Gore-Tex waders have been proven year after year with hardcore guides who depend on them.

Not Salmon, trout or steelhead, just hardcore prehistoric fish, hundreds of pounds hammering on them, all day.

There is a reason why all the top guides here wear Simms. Don’t reinvent the wheel, jump on it.

It’s with that, we say Thank you to all those involved with keeping us dry.

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Simms Ambassador

A little while ago I was informed that I would be added to a small list of Guides who would represent Simms as an Ambassador to the company. Why? Well probably because I believe in the product. I have been using and promoting Simms products for about 13 years now. I have watched the company gradually take over the Fishing world as the leader in gear. Simms makes everything from bags,layering,soft shells, boots, leisure wear, gore tex outwear and of course the best waders on the planet. Oddly enough I ran into, and become best friends with our Western Canadian rep about 5 years ago, right around the time I had contacted Simms to find out who did their video productions. Well, the man responsible for all our video is…you guess it, Simms very own. RA Beattie from Beattie Outdoor Productions. Simms has been the perfect fit for myself and my clients for many years and it is with great honour I would represent them as an Ambassador. A company which oddly enough has brought two of my closest friends into my life. How does that work?

What is it all about? Well as an Ambassador, I will/have tested materials for them and give feedback on the various products. All of their products go through extensive testing to make sure it holds up for a guide. If it passes the test, then it will hold up for the general public buying the products.

Simms has developed a section on their website dedicated to the Ambassadors which I will have a profile. What this is useful for, is letting people hook up with local guides on their travels. If your going fishing in Colorado, and you need a guide. Well chances are someone representing Simms in Colorado is a good choice to head out with. This gives added value to the Simms nation out there and cuts your time down when looking to head out with the right people for your fishing needs.

Guides are in a unique position to influence and educate their clients and those in the fishing industry to what products work and don’t work. Part of being an Ambass is about all these things.

We will represent Simms Fishing Products because they bring people together (weird) and produce the best Gear on the Planet!

Click HERE to go to the Ambass section of the site.


Thank you in advance for reaching out. We look forward to connecting with you soon!
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