Another Giant Dino!

Large Sturgeon

Large Sturgeon

Here is the latest in what has been an unbelievable year for us! We still have some availability for trips. Shoot me an email for info and open dates!

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National Geographic- King Fishers

Well folks tomorrow night May 4th at 7pm PST our National Geographic show will be airing in the US. From there it will go Internationally!

I had the honour of traveling to Brazil and England along with fishing for Sturgeon in BC, for a new show on National Geographic called King Fishers. 3 anglers compete against eachother for the title of King Fisher!

Lets just say this is something you do not want to miss! I had the highlight on my fishing life all documented on camera! A one in a million day happened, and we have been awaiting this show to air for everyone to see.

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If your thinking of fishing with us this year, now is the time to shoot us an email to get the dates you want. We appreciate having you on the water with us and look forward to seeing some new and old faces this year.

Kevin Estrada

Monster Sturgeon on Fraser River

Monster Sturgeon on Fraser River

What’s up with the Blog?

Photo by Yos Gladstone from Chromer Sport Fishing

I’m sure some of you who check into our blog are wondering where we have been! The quick answer to that is busy!

We are at the tail end of our busy season. Sturgeon fishing slows for the winter months and the ice will soon be on the lake in Lytton. As one season ends another begins. It’s tradeshow season! Our first show is in a couple weeks already. We will be at the Vancouver Men’s Show November 18-20th at Tradex in Abbotsford. We will have our Ruddocks Ranch booth up and will be bringing the Fly Fishing Film Tour to the show. An hour of entertainment played daily for those looking to sit back and relax while at the show.

After Christmas we will be heading for a couple shows in Alberta and then back to BC for the BC Boat and Sportsmen Show held again at Tradex in Abbotsford. There is no shortage of things going on so that is why we have been absent from this blog.

If you didn’t know already, we run another blog called Fishing in BC. This is updated every couple days with information around BC. We keep it fresh and are always up for posting your pictures. Feel free to send us any information that is relevant to BC, to

As some of you may or may not know. I recently wrote the feature article for Nov/Dec issue of BC Outdoors Magazine called Modern Dinosaurs. I am proud of the way it came together. It is different from most typical writing styles, and information usually given about Sturgeon fishing. I stressed handling and care for our Sturgeon and I believe that was evident in the article. It is available now in stores! If you are interested in buying a subscription to the magazine (stocking stuffer) click HERE to be redirected to the BCO website.

As social media is everywhere we have made a point of updating our facebook business page and our twitter accounts regularly. It is much easier to do a quick update on these than on the site. If you are interested please follow us @STURGEONSLAYERS on twitter or search for us on facebook.

Our new t-shirts are available as well which are another good stocking stuffer for your fishing die hards. They are $25 each. Contact us if you want yours!

Our gift certificates are available year round and are good towards anything we offer! This is a seriously good gift idea for not only family and friends but co-workers and employees. You pick the amount, we will send you the GC.

Brendan Morrison from the Calgary Flames will be at The Fly Fishing Film Tour tonight presented by The Fishin Hole in Calgary. Click HERE for the landing page for the shows being presented by TFH in Canada. Not only will you see awesome film production but you can win a free guided trip with BMO!

December 2nd in Winnipeg it will be the captain of the Winnipeg Jets, Andrew Ladd. He will be our special guest for the evening of The Fly Fishing Film Tour. Make sure you get your tickets early!

If you are involved with a Lodge or your a business owner. Email me ( to find out how you can become involved with F3T for 2012. With print,video, and internet exposure across Canada it is pretty tough to beat for a marketing campaign to a targeted audience.

Please feel free to send us emails with your thoughts.


Northern BC Chinook Fishing

Recently I headed up to Northern BC to enjoy some Chinook fishing on the fly. I joined friend and guide Todd Scharf, buddies Kirk and Willy as we tour a couple different river systems in search of the Chinook Salmon. Above was my catch of the trip! Click HERE to be redirected to our facebook group for more pictures from the trip. O yeah, and join our group to!

Simms Ambassador

A little while ago I was informed that I would be added to a small list of Guides who would represent Simms as an Ambassador to the company. Why? Well probably because I believe in the product. I have been using and promoting Simms products for about 13 years now. I have watched the company gradually take over the Fishing world as the leader in gear. Simms makes everything from bags,layering,soft shells, boots, leisure wear, gore tex outwear and of course the best waders on the planet. Oddly enough I ran into, and become best friends with our Western Canadian rep about 5 years ago, right around the time I had contacted Simms to find out who did their video productions. Well, the man responsible for all our video is…you guess it, Simms very own. RA Beattie from Beattie Outdoor Productions. Simms has been the perfect fit for myself and my clients for many years and it is with great honour I would represent them as an Ambassador. A company which oddly enough has brought two of my closest friends into my life. How does that work?

What is it all about? Well as an Ambassador, I will/have tested materials for them and give feedback on the various products. All of their products go through extensive testing to make sure it holds up for a guide. If it passes the test, then it will hold up for the general public buying the products.

Simms has developed a section on their website dedicated to the Ambassadors which I will have a profile. What this is useful for, is letting people hook up with local guides on their travels. If your going fishing in Colorado, and you need a guide. Well chances are someone representing Simms in Colorado is a good choice to head out with. This gives added value to the Simms nation out there and cuts your time down when looking to head out with the right people for your fishing needs.

Guides are in a unique position to influence and educate their clients and those in the fishing industry to what products work and don’t work. Part of being an Ambass is about all these things.

We will represent Simms Fishing Products because they bring people together (weird) and produce the best Gear on the Planet!

Click HERE to go to the Ambass section of the site.

Rocking Ranch

Shane Tirk's Fish Photo by Glen Tew

This past month we have had some great fishing at the lake. We had some hard core anglers visit from FlyBC, Peter Morrison’s Fly Fishing Clinic and then the following weekend BC Outdoors held their Learning with the Pros, and Fishing with Rod joined us last weekend with his friends. The bigger groups have exposed the lake to many new faces. The result? Well, lots of sore arms, and delighted anglers.

Guest have enjoyed camping lake side in our brand new wall tents, stay at our ranch house, as well as bringing their own accommodations (tents/trailers).

BC Outdoors did a great write up about the weekend which can be viewed HERE.

Peter’s weekend saw all new faces. The group saw everyone catch fish, some more than others but overall they came away with some new outlooks on still water fishing. No doubt they learned a little more than they could handle.

Rod Hsu (Fishing with Rod) and friend stayed at the Ranch house last weekend and had some great success. Be sure to check it with his blog HERE on his recent trip.

As the Stanley Cup is over, we can now start to get those hard core fans out fishing. We are currently guiding for Sturgeon on the Lower Fraser and as the water drops we will start guiding from the Ranch for the best Sturgeon experience on the river.

We will be offering single and multi day trips for Sturgeon from the Ranch and on the Lower Fraser.

The Ranch is now offering private or group Yoga instructions as well as massages for those who are looking for something a little different at the Ranch.

Our new e-newsletter is out as well. If you are interested in getting a copy please email us at

To request out price sheet for Ruddocks please email

My Lifetime Steelhead

This past winter has been a grind for various reasons. Trade shows and traveling took up a lot of time and energy over a 2 month period. I was left feeling like I was living in Alberta for most of the winter!  Frustration that I couldn’t get out was crippling me. So when I heard that South West British Columbia was having the best Steelhead fishing, possibly ever, I had to find a way to get in the water.

This being our first season with the Fly Fishing Film Tour in Canada, a never ending amount of time, prep, phone calls and much more took place for the past 6 months, getting everything ready for 2011. Something that we are very proud of, the tour is growing and expanding across Canada with another upcoming show in Prince George next week.

To add to it all, the regular prep for the upcoming season, endless DOT compliance paperwork and regulation changes, Ruddocks Ranch prep to Ranch House and Lake, organizing upcoming Fly Fishing Clinics, dealing with massive amounts of emails and phones calls, the list goes on and on.

This is just the business side of my life!

It’s has not been a 9am-5pm job, its been a 7am-12am job. Anyone who owns their own business can appreciate what I am saying.

Needless to say I have been a stressed out, ready to snap individual.

But on April 28th, 2011, the fish gods rewarded a tired soul.

Fishing with good friends Mike, Ian and Cam we headed out to a river in SW BC, for some Steelhead fishing. Not expecting much, I have always been one who believes that the fish come second. Only to the people you share your time with in these moments, not to mention the experience you pick up along the way.

Guiding takes my personal time away from fishing, so it’s always a treat to be able to head out and relax without having to think throughout the day. So it was a pleasure to be in the hands of fishing buddy Mike Blenkarn, riding in his boat for what would be a lights out day of fishing.

I picked up Cam at 4:45am and away we went to meet up with Mike and Ian.

Before this trip (on the way to the river), I attempted to change out my drag cartridge, its a very simple process which takes 30 secs. For some reason a sticky drag and a rare seized part was my issue. It didn’t work, and I was unable to change over. It needs to be sent in. Obviously after this trip!

So I put everything together, and thought I would give it a go anyway. There was a very small resistance, enough to not keep the line from bird’s nesting, if of course I was fortunate enough to hook into something decent. One problem…..I didn’t put back in the one screw, evidently the screw that holds the drag cartridge in!

You know what happened next!

10am rolls around and I hook into the biggest Steelhead of my life….

A born, raised and proud BC boy I have been after the chrome for about 14 years. I have traveled, fished and lived for 6 years in the US. Wetted lines in the state of Washington on my frequent visits to relatives, lived in Europe for 3 years, driving anywhere I could to find Steelhead, and of course traveled up north in search of the best Steelhead fishing in the world.

But it was within driving distance that my proudest, Steelhead on the Spey moment would come.

As I’m fishing down river from Cam, I feel a massive tug on my Todd Scharf “Blue Balls Intruder” (My all time fav bug). I’m pumped. Not only am I on a fish, I know it’s bigger than 14-16lbs. How big I don’t know yet. As I learned from Toddy years ago, take it to the bank. He always said “Lift em’, lose em'”

Cam there for some coaching and moral support "Don't lose this"

As I take it to the bank, yep you guessed it, the drag cartridge falls right into the water! Great! Cam quickly ran over and snatches up the useless piece, that obviosuly I had not put back together correctly. Nervous of course about what would happen if I put in back in, and defiantly not willing to chance it. I fight the fish like it should be fought, by feel and palm. Now of course the little tiny drag I had to keep line from becoming a giant disaster, is gone. This does not feel like a Hardy, this feels like a free spooling, nervous, scared, hating every second moment in my fishing life.

As it happens, anytime you have a nice fish you don’t want to lose. You start reflecting, on all the teaching you have had, the “do’s and dont’s”, “not to hard”, “right there”, and so on.

I know I have lost enough fish in trying to “play it safe.” With this fish, the frustration and stress in my life over the past while.

I thought $%^& it.

Where do you get playing it safe?

I hammered down on this fish with my CF 8142-4 and went toe to toe. What felt like a lifetime, probably ended up being about 25min. With pretty minimal coaching from the peanut gallery, and my focus to not farm this fish. I slowly was winning the metal and physical battle to get him in.

With flashes and glimpses I knew the fish was big, but it wasn’t until Ian gently landed this brut in the cradle that I felt like crying with joy.

Alas, I have broken the 40 inch barrier.

One proud dude!

The cradle is 42 inches and this fish was all of the cradle plus a little. We did not do a girth and will leave that up to you the viewer to speculate on.

The Deepest Steelhead any of us have seen in person

The day was filled with fish. The gang landed 7 fish that day and the positive upbeat attitude (and of course my fish) made this day one of the best fishing days so far in my 28 years of life (29 in a couple weeks!)

I would like to thank Mike, Ian and Cam for this experience, Todd for years of coaching, and of course the fish gods for rewarding a warn down, mentally drained individual who was rejuvenated by a Beautiful, Thick, Wild, British Columbia Steelhead!!

The Release

PS. The story behind my arrogant hat is the fact I like to mix it up a bit on the river and have fun. Super comfy and warm.  Don’t knock it until you try it. Check out previous posts where I have an equally comfy hat on called a Pook Toque!

PSS. Feel free to chirp me on the hat if you want 😉

All photos taken by Mike Blenkarn.

Grinding It Out

The last couple months has been a blur for us. We have traveled to Alberta 3 times for the business. Two of them were for the Calgary and Edmonton sportsmen shows put on by CNSS. A job well done by Laurie Paetz and her crew. The Calgary show featured the first preview of the Fly Fishing Film Tour. We presented one hour to give folks an idea of what it was all about. The full IP show is 2 hours in length and will be in various cities. Anyone can purchase the rights to present the FFFT in their area. If you are interested email us.

From Calgary it was back to BC for the Abbotsford BC Boat and Sportsmen Show. Les Trendall’s show was the first in BC to showcase the FFFT. A great showing for Sturgeon Slayers, Ruddocks Ranch and of course the FFFT. It was nice to see many faces I haven’t seen in a while at the show. Thanks again for stopping by. Thank you, Les for being the first to commit to us about 10 months ago to get the sportsmen shows rolling. Much Appreciated.

The tour continued back to Edmonton for the largest show in Western Canada. Over 50k people walked through the doors at Northlands. This 525k sq ft event is the largest by size in Canada. Again the amount of people was staggering and it was a positive experience for all those who attended. Through the 3 sportsmen shows we gave over $5000.00 away in prizes for those viewing the film tour. We would like to thank all of our sponsors for donating prizes and Country Pleasures for donating 2 guided trips for the Alberta Shows.

One observation which was very evident was the number of people checking out the Fly Fishing Section in these shows. Pieroway Rods did a great job with their casting pond in Calgary and Edmonton. Because of this they were able to attract people of all ages to learn how to cast. This was very positive and nice to see. It was also very cool seeing those in the industry work together! Pieroway and Sage shared the casting pond in Edmonton, of course it came down to who could put it in the cup first! I think Tommy T from Chromer Sport Fishing took that prize. So no bragging rights for the competing rod companies.

This week we are back to Alberta for the 4th time in 2 months. This time it’s for the Fishin Hole Outdoors Show. We will have our Ruddocks Ranch booth up and will be presenting the FFFT once a day for those who want to come check it out.

It has been a crazy couple of months and were are looking forward to hitting the water soon. We still have some spots left open for our Peter Morrison’s Fly Fishing Clinics at Ruddocks Ranch. Please email me if you are interested.

Again this year we are offering our Guaranteed catch for Sturgeon Fishing. This will be for the Lytton area. At least one per trip. We have been averaging between 5-20 per day in the area. The most staggering fact is that we are also averaging around 6 feet per fish. We are back in the canyon starting early April. Remember if you are shopping around nobody offers what we do on the river. Fact!! We do 10 hour guided trips,BBQ meals onboard or shoreside, CD in the mail with video and pics from the day and much more. Don’t compare apples to oranges when your looking to head out on the water.

What does all this mean? You get more value, and a complete guided experience. Show up, and we’ll take care of the rest. We look forward to having you out with us.

Picture below taken by Yos Gladstone featuring Tommy T at Ruddocks Ranch


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