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Let’s Go!

Our first guests of the year are already been and gone at the Ranch. Estimating they caught around 30 fish each per day! The ice is completely off, new G3 boat will be brought up this weekend and we are rolling. Don’t forget we have Peter Morrison’s clinic coming up May 27,28,29th and BC Outdoors Learning with the pros June 3,4,5th. If you are interested please email us.

If you know you are wanting to Sturgeon fish with us either on the Lower or Upper Fraser this year, it’s best to call early and book. We are booking up quickly and with only one boat operating on the Upper Fraser from our Ranch house their is not unlimited access to the fishing in the area.

I Kevin Estrada, have a lifetime fish photo that I will be sharing with you shortly. I am not mentioning the species or where it was caught yet, but I have been in awe everyday since catching it over a week ago. Fishing in BC is freaking awesome!! We are so lucky to live where we do.

Stay Tuned!

A Great First Show!

Crowd Lined Up for Casting Challange

Peter Morrison from Rio

Simon Gawesworth, Official Distance Dude

Kevin,Mike and Todd Enjoying the Night Out in Abby

Todd and Simon Captivated by Mako’s on the Fly

What a great time we had on Friday night in Abby for our first IP show in Canada for the 2011 year! With less than a month to put everything together, Reaction Fly and Tackle delivered.

A casting competition put on by Rio which feature Peter,Reuben and Simon as the “JUDGES” brought in well over 50 people to try it out. They printed 50 sheets and ran out before 7pm.

We let everyone stay out and get a chance to try it out before we started the Films. We kicked off the films around 7:30pm to a packed small venue in Abby which had over 140 people attend.

After the first hour of never seen before footage, we gave out over $1500 in prizes to those who attended. We want to thank all the companies who gave prizes. Reaction Fly and Tackle, Rio,Redington,Simms,Venture River Boats,BC Outdoors,Sturgeon Slayers,FlyBC,Patagonia,Beattie Outdoor Productions,Sage and many more.

Folks enjoyed food,beers,and of course our 2011 selection for the Fly Fishing Film Tour. Special guest Simon Gawesworth came out to join us. He was in town to attend the Spey Clave on Saturday put on by Michael and Young.

Thanks again for everyone who showed up. Click HERE for our Canadian and US schedule. Dates will soon be added weekly, with some big news around the corner!!

Back At It

We just got back from Edmonton from the Fishin Hole Outdoor Show and Sale. The event saw over 10k roll through the small venue in 4 days. We were surprised at how much interest we received for our Ruddocks Ranch booth at the show. Probably because Aimee and Blue were in the booth! The show was a good one and something we look forward to doing next year.

With no time to relax, we are back at it tomorrow night with the first Fly Fishing Film Tour happening in Abbotsford. Reaction Fly and Tackle will be hosting the event. Click HERE for all info on buying your tickets and getting to the venue.

The season is here. Our Sturgeon trips start up next week, Fly Fishing Clinics get rolling in May, and the time is now to book to get the dates you want. Keep in mind we are the only company offering 10 Hours guided trips,BBQ meals on board or shoreside and a handful of other unique bonus’ for booking with us. We give you a complete guided trip, including a CD in the mail with all you pictures and video from the day. Nobody does what we do, simply because it takes more effort. I remember one of my coaches telling me once “If it was easy, everyone would do it” we go the extra mile not because we have to, because we care.

Grinding It Out

The last couple months has been a blur for us. We have traveled to Alberta 3 times for the business. Two of them were for the Calgary and Edmonton sportsmen shows put on by CNSS. A job well done by Laurie Paetz and her crew. The Calgary show featured the first preview of the Fly Fishing Film Tour. We presented one hour to give folks an idea of what it was all about. The full IP show is 2 hours in length and will be in various cities. Anyone can purchase the rights to present the FFFT in their area. If you are interested email us.

From Calgary it was back to BC for the Abbotsford BC Boat and Sportsmen Show. Les Trendall’s show was the first in BC to showcase the FFFT. A great showing for Sturgeon Slayers, Ruddocks Ranch and of course the FFFT. It was nice to see many faces I haven’t seen in a while at the show. Thanks again for stopping by. Thank you, Les for being the first to commit to us about 10 months ago to get the sportsmen shows rolling. Much Appreciated.

The tour continued back to Edmonton for the largest show in Western Canada. Over 50k people walked through the doors at Northlands. This 525k sq ft event is the largest by size in Canada. Again the amount of people was staggering and it was a positive experience for all those who attended. Through the 3 sportsmen shows we gave over $5000.00 away in prizes for those viewing the film tour. We would like to thank all of our sponsors for donating prizes and Country Pleasures for donating 2 guided trips for the Alberta Shows.

One observation which was very evident was the number of people checking out the Fly Fishing Section in these shows. Pieroway Rods did a great job with their casting pond in Calgary and Edmonton. Because of this they were able to attract people of all ages to learn how to cast. This was very positive and nice to see. It was also very cool seeing those in the industry work together! Pieroway and Sage shared the casting pond in Edmonton, of course it came down to who could put it in the cup first! I think Tommy T from Chromer Sport Fishing took that prize. So no bragging rights for the competing rod companies.

This week we are back to Alberta for the 4th time in 2 months. This time it’s for the Fishin Hole Outdoors Show. We will have our Ruddocks Ranch booth up and will be presenting the FFFT once a day for those who want to come check it out.

It has been a crazy couple of months and were are looking forward to hitting the water soon. We still have some spots left open for our Peter Morrison’s Fly Fishing Clinics at Ruddocks Ranch. Please email me if you are interested.

Again this year we are offering our Guaranteed catch for Sturgeon Fishing. This will be for the Lytton area. At least one per trip. We have been averaging between 5-20 per day in the area. The most staggering fact is that we are also averaging around 6 feet per fish. We are back in the canyon starting early April. Remember if you are shopping around nobody offers what we do on the river. Fact!! We do 10 hour guided trips,BBQ meals onboard or shoreside, CD in the mail with video and pics from the day and much more. Don’t compare apples to oranges when your looking to head out on the water.

What does all this mean? You get more value, and a complete guided experience. Show up, and we’ll take care of the rest. We look forward to having you out with us.

Picture below taken by Yos Gladstone featuring Tommy T at Ruddocks Ranch

Come see us at the BC Boat and Sportsmen show this weekend

Come visit our booth this weekend at the BC Boat and Sportsmen show at Tradex in Abbotsford. We will be presenting films from the Fly Fishing Film Tour. Enter in to win over $1800 in prizes, just from watching the films.

Take a Safe Boating Course and pass your Boat Exam from

Sportsmen Show Around the Corner, FFFT Stops,Ruddocks Ranch

The BC Boat and Sportsmen show is just around the corner. March 4,5,6th at Tradex in Abbotsford. Drop by and see us at our booth, take in the films from the Fly Fishing Film Tour, and enter to win over $1500 in prizes from us. Enjoy an hour of Fishing and an hour of Hunting content. Shown daily throughout the show.

We have confirmed full length showings of the Fly Fishing Film Tour. For BC the shows will be in Abbotsford,Merritt,Prince George, Vancouver and Victoria. Click HERE to be redirected to the Tour site and schedule for events.

Their won’t be much room left over for our Fly Fishing Clinics at Ruddocks Ranch after the sportsmen shows. Don’t forget we have 2 clinics with Peter Morrison. A beginner and advanced. $525 including HST

Then we have the BC Outdoors Learning with the Pros. This will feature Brian Chan and Phil Rowley. $575 Including HST.

Email me at or call 1.866.587.9253 if you are looking for any information on the above.

Thanks For Coming Out

Thanks to all those who dropped by our booth at the Calgary Sportsmen show. We enjoyed chatting with everyone and look forward to having those who booked trips for this upcoming season.

This was our first showing of the Fly Fishing Film Tour which we had very positive feedback from. Keep in mind we only showed about 40 mins of the actual 1:45 min full feature for 2011. We included the MetalHead segment which was from last year’s film tour. We thought because we are doing Western Canada, it was important to show some Northern BC content.

Along with the fishing vids we included an hour of hunting. Content owned by the FFFT. We enjoyed our time at the show and would like to congratulate all those who took home more than $1500 is prizes!!!! Just for coming out.

Our next sportsmen show will be at Tradex in Abbotsford March 4,5,6th. Be sure to drop by, watch the films, and enter to win awesome giveaways from our sponsors.

WFN and Calgary Boat and Sportsmen Show

Check us out on WFN the World Fishing Network this weekend. Our show with BC Outdoors Sport Fishing will be airing.

Don’t forget we will be at the Calgary Boat and Sportsmen show Feb 3-6th. Come see us at our booth, and enjoy watching the Fly Fishing Film Tour. Lots of great prizes including guided trips and swag from our sponsors. Admission is free with your ticket into the show.

See you soon!

Gearing Up

We have been swamped lately gearing up for 2011. With 3 schools at Ruddocks Ranch scheduled so far this year, all in prime time I will say. We are looking forward to having some happy fresh faces around the lake.

Our remote Sturgeon trips in Hope,Yale and Lytton like always are lights out. The scenery and privacy are second to none. If your looking to up the ante on your trip, then let us know. We will combo it up with Kumsheen Rafting in Lytton. Not a bad way to spend a weekend.

As of the last few weeks, we have been swamped with gearing up for the world’s largest Fly Fishing Film Tour. Sturgeon Slayers is bringing the knock out film tour to Canada. The tour hit up 80 plus cities last season with attendance over 100k.

Don’t be fooled into seeing any other film shows. Ours is going on its 6th season, and with major sponsorship coming from companies like Patagonia,Sage,Scientific Anglers,Outdoors Channel,Islander Reels,Ruddocks Ranch,Fishin Hole,Venture River Boats, and Fishing in to name a few, this is the only film tour you need to see. Join us in watching the world’s best production companies, as they entertain you with their best vids from around the globe.

For those of you in BC, first showing will be at the BC Boat and Sportsmen Show at Tradex March 4,5,6th.

We will be doing a press release soon on the Canadian tour. If you want to get involved in putting on your own IP show, please email us.

It’s back to work for us, see you soon!


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