Back At It

We just got back from Edmonton from the Fishin Hole Outdoor Show and Sale. The event saw over 10k roll through the small venue in 4 days. We were surprised at how much interest we received for our Ruddocks Ranch booth at the show. Probably because Aimee and Blue were in the booth! The show was a good one and something we look forward to doing next year.

With no time to relax, we are back at it tomorrow night with the first Fly Fishing Film Tour happening in Abbotsford. Reaction Fly and Tackle will be hosting the event. Click HERE for all info on buying your tickets and getting to the venue.

The season is here. Our Sturgeon trips start up next week, Fly Fishing Clinics get rolling in May, and the time is now to book to get the dates you want. Keep in mind we are the only company offering 10 Hours guided trips,BBQ meals on board or shoreside and a handful of other unique bonus’ for booking with us. We give you a complete guided trip, including a CD in the mail with all you pictures and video from the day. Nobody does what we do, simply because it takes more effort. I remember one of my coaches telling me once “If it was easy, everyone would do it” we go the extra mile not because we have to, because we care.


Thank you in advance for reaching out. We look forward to connecting with you soon!
Please include the following info in your email:
1) Dates you're looking to fish.
2) How many people will be attending.
3) Do you need accomodations.

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