Fraser Valley Angling Guides Association

Fraser Valley Angling Guides Association

Fraser Valley Angling Guides Association

Fraser Valley Angling Guides Association represents professional, fully licensed guides.

If you don’t have the opportunity to book with Sturgeon Slayers, make sure you book with a company that is associated with FVAGA.

If a company is not then ask yourself why not?

Do they not take the time to involved their company?

Do they not work well with others? What is they reason?

The FVAGA sits in high level government and first nations meetings regarding our fisheries and are part of the process.

Not as an individual company who thinks they are above everyone else, but as a united voice for its members. If your not part of the process, your are truly part of the problem when it comes to keeping our fisheries open and fighting for our heritage.

Book with a professional.

Fraser Valley Angling Guides Association

FVAGA, Professional guides

Professional Guides

When booking with Sturgeon Slayers you will be booking with a member of the Fraser Valley Angling Guides Association.

What does this mean?

It means you will be booking with a Professional Experienced, Licensed Guide with proper insurance.

As a Director for over 6 years with FVAGA, I personally sit in many high levels meetings with business associate Tony Nootebos (BCSFG/STS). We are on the forefront of the state of our fisheries and have in depth knowledge on what is going on, and what to expect. Everything from legal changes, forecasting, proposals, handling, volunteer closures, conflict, and so much more.

We are part of the process on a weekly basis, thus are our clients.

Not all are equal, not all have the same insight and not all put the time in. You spend good money to come fishing, make sure your getting the most out of it.



Thank you in advance for reaching out. We look forward to connecting with you soon!
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