Monster Fraser River Sturgeon with Sturgeon Slayers

Monster Sturgeon on Fraser River with Sturgeon Slayers

Monster Sturgeon on Fraser River with Sturgeon Slayers

Monster Sturgeon caught by Darcy Allin on the Fraser River with Sturgeon Slayers.

Fishing has been good friends, we are running out of dates, so if your looking to come, get a hold of us ASAP.

Fraser River Sturgeon Fishing

Fraser River Sturgeon Fishing in BC

Fraser River Sturgeon Fishing is going on full on right now until end of November. If your thinking about coming Sturgeon Fishing in BC with Sturgeon Slayers, best to email us ASAP with dates, if you need accommodations and how many people will be joining.

We are booking up quickly and if you want till last minute you might just be left to book with what we call Wal Mart guides. The last available because the cream are booked up. If your spending the time and money to come fishing, do it right with a Professional guide that is a member of the Fraser Valley Angling Guides Association and part of the Fraser River Sturgeon Conservation Society. If the answer is NO to either of these, they you know where you stand.

Contact us for more info or download our brochure on the site.

Fraser Valley Angling Guides Association

Fraser Valley Angling Guides Association

Fraser Valley Angling Guides Association

Fraser Valley Angling Guides Association represents professional, fully licensed guides.

If you don’t have the opportunity to book with Sturgeon Slayers, make sure you book with a company that is associated with FVAGA.

If a company is not then ask yourself why not?

Do they not take the time to involved their company?

Do they not work well with others? What is they reason?

The FVAGA sits in high level government and first nations meetings regarding our fisheries and are part of the process.

Not as an individual company who thinks they are above everyone else, but as a united voice for its members. If your not part of the process, your are truly part of the problem when it comes to keeping our fisheries open and fighting for our heritage.

Book with a professional.

Cultus Lake Golf Club- Fins and Skins

Cultus Lake Golf Club.

Cultus Lake Golf Club.

It’s that time of the year. Cultus Lake Golf Club, fins and skins.

Don’t forget there are many courses around the area for you to do a little fins and skins.

Sturgeon Slayers sponsors hold 10 at the Cultus Lake Golf Club and is a local Cultus/Chilliwack favorite. The facilities include the nicest driving range around, full service restaurant with beautiful views, and of course the challenging track which all levels of golfers can enjoy.

When bookings your fishing trip just let us know what date and time you want us to book your tee time and we will send along with your confirmation itinerary.

Albino Sturgeon on the Fraser River

Rare Albino Sturgeon on the Fraser River with Sturgeon Slayers Guiding Company.

Rare Albino Sturgeon on the Fraser River with Sturgeon Slayers Guiding Company.

Check this Albino Sturgeon from today’s trip. They are very rare to see and actually can’t remember last time we had an albino dino. Check out the yellow pale head and yellow scutes. The picture doesn’t really show the color as crazy as it was.

This monster was also Untagged, measuring 8’4 1/2 fork length. It’s always great to add more fish into the Tagging Program. When they are big and albino, even better.

Thank you gentlemen for a great day on the River. O, and they got a bigger fish than this an hour later!

Do donate to the Fraser River Sturgeon Conservation Society please visit the website HERE.

Sturgeon Fishing in BC with Sturgeon Slayers

Guided Sturgeon Fishing in BC

Guided Sturgeon Fishing in BC

You going to let another year go by without coming out?

Join us on our Guided Sturgeon Fishing Adventures and learn about the Tagging Program, Adopt a Sturgeon, enjoy BBQ meal shoreside and remote fishing in one of the most beautiful nature inspiring place in the Universe.

Sturgeon Slayers delivers a seamless trip from booking to accommodations right on through to that memorable picture.

Email us for more info and shoot us some dates that your looking to come out.

We look forward to introducing you to the worlds best Sturgeon Fishing on the Fraser River.

Cuda Pro- Mariko Izumi

Cuda Pro- Mariko Izumi

Cuda Pro- Mariko Izumi

Sponsor Cuda, a company who has delivered an industry leading knives and tools for Fresh and Saltwater has taken the fishing world by storm.

Over the last 3 years Cuda has won many Icast awards to their accolades. Their vast lineup is quickly become the go to, one stop shop for what you need. Titanium bonded and attractive design with not only perform but look good on your boat. We have been using Cuda for over 18 months and can say they have our stamp of approval.

Featured in the image above is Cuda Pro Mariko Izumi, the Sturgeon was caught with us.

Fraser Valley Angling Guides Association

FVAGA, Professional guides

Professional Guides

When booking with Sturgeon Slayers you will be booking with a member of the Fraser Valley Angling Guides Association.

What does this mean?

It means you will be booking with a Professional Experienced, Licensed Guide with proper insurance.

As a Director for over 6 years with FVAGA, I personally sit in many high levels meetings with business associate Tony Nootebos (BCSFG/STS). We are on the forefront of the state of our fisheries and have in depth knowledge on what is going on, and what to expect. Everything from legal changes, forecasting, proposals, handling, volunteer closures, conflict, and so much more.

We are part of the process on a weekly basis, thus are our clients.

Not all are equal, not all have the same insight and not all put the time in. You spend good money to come fishing, make sure your getting the most out of it.


Thank you Simms Wader Makers !

Simms Wader Makers

Simms Fishing Products- Sturgeon Slayers Guiding Company


No fishery I know of depends more on good waders than Sturgeon. The size, scutes, weight and amount of wear and tear that the fishery brings to gear is unbelievable.

I have been working with Simms Fishing Products for a decade now. From testing to products demos, marketing and more. I can confidently say, these Gore-Tex waders have been proven year after year with hardcore guides who depend on them.

Not Salmon, trout or steelhead, just hardcore prehistoric fish, hundreds of pounds hammering on them, all day.

There is a reason why all the top guides here wear Simms. Don’t reinvent the wheel, jump on it.

It’s with that, we say Thank you to all those involved with keeping us dry.

Check out this video HERE


Baby Dino

Baby Dino

Baby Dino

For those of you few people not on social media, we will be sharing with you some unique moments we have experiences over the years. Here is our smallest Sturgeon we have caught, by pure luck! This trip also saw one of our largest fish of 2015 as well measuring 9’7 fork length.

Fork Length is the proper measurement when dealing with Sturgeon. Some guiding companies and other anglers have been looking for some fame and attention by measuring them the total length then run to the media.

As we are a major contributor to the Fraser River Sturgeon Conservation Society, we uphold a high standard when collecting our data for the Tagging Program. This includes measuring them properly so we can collect accurate information for the health of the fishery.

Measure Fork Length with a tight tape and pectoral girth. No fishermen stories, if you know what your doing and put your time in, you won’t need to lie;)



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